Wednesday, July 1, 2009

College Admissions Help for International Students

International students often have a need for additional information about how colleges and universities in the United States work and how to pay for these colleges. The links below should help answer some of those questions. Of course, we encourage anyone with specific questions to contact us to discuss your particular issues.

Here we provide definitions of a number of terms related to the college admission process in the United States.
How American Higher Education Works
Wondering how American colleges and universities work? And just what is the difference between a college and university? Here we have your answers.
Special Considerations in Admissions for International Students
Admissions for students from countries outside the United States often involves different considerations than those facing American students. Here we discuss some of those issues.
Financial Aid for International Students
If you are wondering about how to pay for college in the United States this will provide some guidance on what aid is available for students from countries outside the United States.
How We Can Help International Students
Still have questions? Still not sure about whether you can handle the process of applying to colleges in the United States? Check out what we can do to help and how we work with students outside the United States.
Links for International Students
There are lots of resources on the web that say they can help. Here are some of our favorites.

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